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Far From the Tree

“Landed”, it says. Landed safely. Always a relief. Waiting with welling anticipation, we left an impossibly tidy house. A proper welcome. Pirate towels, toys, a full fridge, Soon to be wreckage. Doors swish and swish and swish again As we strain to read tags on bags Trundled by weary travellers. It’s their flight! At last, […]

No Malice of Fourth Thought

Our super-fit Olympic winners Inspired we lump-like sofa-sinners, With Jess and Mo and Chris and Laura, And Vicki – how we all adore her. The country celebrated headily, Crunching crisps and supping steadily. We’d many medals from the North, But who remembers who came fourth? Fourth is the cruelest cut of all. They trained and […]

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