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Dyson With Death

Old Albert was a fairground man. He had it in his blood. He always chose the fastest rides to go on if he could. But then one day he passed away whilst whirling on the waltzer, but if you thought that was the end, that surmise would be false, sir. We found a crumpled, grubby […]

Fancy That!

Ah’m from Yorkshire, me, And Ah reckon’ nowt ta Thee, With Tha’ fancy shoes and fancy ways, And Tha’ fancy Earl Grey Tea. With Tha’ Fancy-Man Th’aren’t na’ better Than Tha’ ought to be, But whilst we’re on’t subject Lass, Does’t Tha’ fancy me?

Easing Up

Life begins at that magical moment in time, when you know that you’ve peaked, and the whole pantomime of pushing and shoving you did to get on is no longer needed, it’s over, it’s gone. It’s that moment of freedom, you sense in your soul That you just can’t be bothered with work’s greasy pole. […]

Light Relief

No need to be afraid of the dark. Without it, how can you really feel the light? No need to be afraid of the dark. Under its velvet cloak, you’re safe from scrutiny, secure in silence. No need to be afraid of the dark. In your head, you can float in space, or on a […]

That’s the Spirit

A glass of brandy perks you up, And whisky makes a warming cup in coffee. And when you’ve got the gang over, Vodka’s good (there’s not much hangover). Whilst Crème de Menthe’s green mint entices, Drambuie with its secret spices makes a change from most liqueurs. When glum, a rum your spirit stirs. But, if […]

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