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Lonely is a silent room With no-one there but me. Lonely is an echo Where a footfall used to be. Lonely is a double bed And a single cup of tea. Lonely’s not enough of you And far too much of me.  

Christmas Cheer

I remember Christmas With an intensity that tugs at my heart, Fills it with joy and longing And brings fond tears. I remember my Dad, Wrestling the reluctant tree into the pot, Filling the room with forest smells And our minds with anticipation. I remember the lights, Wayward and willful at first, Filling the tree […]

Rags to Riches

Round and round the rugged rocks The Ragged Rascal ran. Unfeeling folks would just ignore The poor demented man, Until, one day, “Are you alright?” A helpful hiker said. “Do you require assistance? Are you crazy in the head? You must be mad to clothe yourself In garb that is so holey”. The rascal gave […]

Great Expectorations

Materialism makes me spit! The conflict caused because of it. The burden on the average man Not to be an “also ran”. In ancient times beyond recall He was quite glad to run at all. Ancient Man, he had it right, He didn’t lie awake at night Afraid the curtains might not match, He had […]

Time to Fold

Cecil the contortionist Was getting rather old. His suppleness was in decline. He found it hard to fold But when his agent said to him “you’re heading for the sack” it…. Spurred him to a desperate act, To prove that he could hack it And so he stood upon the stage, Grim-faced without a word […]

The Slab

The drip and the cold, The wet and the white, And the voices, the whispering, the questions. Where was I from? How long dead? How long since they took me from the water? They look at my eyes, My mouth, My skin. My guts have gone already. And tomorrow?…….. I stink, therefore I am. Who […]

Touching Lines

“Let me make my own mistakes.” The boy said to his father. “ I want to go and do my thing, Although I know you’d rather I had got a proper job, Like Engineer or Surgeon, But I must go and try my luck, And let my ideas burgeon. So Dad, although I know you […]

Nominally Enlightning

I heard tell That Copernicus, Ever mindful of the excellent conductivity of his underpants, Was afraid to venture out, In thunderstorms.  

The Peas of God?

If The Devil drops in for dinner, Don’t ever give him peas. Not even if he begs and cries “Oh please, Oh please, OH PLEASE!” Not even if you drink too much and end up with a thick head. Don’t give him peas, ‘cos we all know There’s no peas for the wicked.  

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