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The wrong end of the stick

“Grandad, said the little boy, why do people fight, Why do people argue, and both think that they’re right?” “That’s tricky”, said his Grandad. “Sometimes we make a fuss, Because we simply can’t accept that folks aren’t all like us. ‘Depends on where you’re standing. Your point of view can vary. Of being narrow-minded, we […]

Far From the Tree

“Landed”, it says. Landed safely. Always a relief. Waiting with welling anticipation, we left an impossibly tidy house. A proper welcome. Pirate towels, toys, a full fridge, Soon to be wreckage. Doors swish and swish and swish again As we strain to read tags on bags Trundled by weary travellers. It’s their flight! At last, […]

Her Maj and All the People (living for today)

(To the tune of the Dambusters’ March) In ’52 Elizabeth became our Gracious Queen, For 60 years as Head of State such changes she has seen, The war had been quite shattering, Our chip shop took a battering, We listened to the radio, and children played with Plasticine, When she acceded to the throne the […]

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

It was unbearable, watching the boy, wearily wearing his stripes. Furtive, frightened, despairing. Watching him, his friend and his brief ray of hope, extinguished in an instant by an incomprehensible evil. It cut so deep. It left such a mark. Indelible. Insistently shocking. Laid bare the obvious and timeless truth. It’s the Children who really […]

Easing Up

Life begins at that magical moment in time, when you know that you’ve peaked, and the whole pantomime of pushing and shoving you did to get on is no longer needed, it’s over, it’s gone. It’s that moment of freedom, you sense in your soul That you just can’t be bothered with work’s greasy pole. […]

Light Relief

No need to be afraid of the dark. Without it, how can you really feel the light? No need to be afraid of the dark. Under its velvet cloak, you’re safe from scrutiny, secure in silence. No need to be afraid of the dark. In your head, you can float in space, or on a […]

Brief Encounter

I met her on the internet In an instant I was smitten I threw all caution to the wind Though I had been once-bitten Her long blonde hair and big blue eyes Just stole my heart away I printed off her photograph To keep it near all day I feared she was too good for […]

Eight Eighths Blue

I want to fly in a windy sky, Eight eighths blue, clear as gin. I want to soar where the eagles cry, Bright as a button, sharp as a pin. What chance for me, with feet of lead, I’m just too low to lift my head, So I’ll just stay in bed instead And dream […]

To Boldly Go

Like wrinkly booster rockets, We have our part to play. We boost our children to the stars And then we fall away.  


Lonely is a silent room With no-one there but me. Lonely is an echo Where a footfall used to be. Lonely is a double bed And a single cup of tea. Lonely’s not enough of you And far too much of me.  

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