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1.Check out the Amer fort mirror work 2.Get onto an elephant experience towards the Amber ft 3.A rickshaw ride while in the area that is old 4.Stay in the Dhani 5.Get your peace of mind at the Birla temple 6.Visit the Ganesh temple 7.Flock in the Dev Ji temple 8.Check our forefathers out in the Horse temple at Galta 9.Get your sprint of confidence at the Leprosy treatment center 10.Listen at the Taabar relief kids middle to survival stories 11.Be shifted at the Ladli home for women that were destitute 12.Check out a core for slum children improvement, Shreshtha 13.Be awed at the Jantar mantar observatory 14.The superb Vrindavan temple Walls in Jaipur of forts that are old 16.The biggest canon on the planet at Jaigarh View of the town from Nahargarh 18.Beer at tiger fort 19.Walk within the old city 20.Hawa Mahal 21.Cenotaphs of queens 22.Kesar kyari at Amber fort Mahal 24.Paintings at the Mahal lake 25.Wildlife treatment center near Amber 26.Step well at Nahargarh 27.Pink color of the entire city 28.Disha basis for children 29.Anandilal Poddar foundation for specially empowered children 30.SMS hospital that is public 31.MGD girls schoo Fort 33.City structure of Jaipur 34.Museum at Palace 35.The massive water boat at location palace 36.Jain temple at Padampura Restaurant on road 38.Lassiwala at street Rugs looking was made by 40.Hand Color and 41.Tie centers at Sanganer Airport that is 42.Jaipur 43.Hand block printing 44.Hand made paper and its products Cinema theatre 46.Albert Hall gallery Palace hotel that is 47.Rambagh 48.Rajvilas palace hotel 49.Jai Mahal Palace hotel 50.Semi jewelery that is precious Meena polki jewelery that is 51.Kundan 52.Heritage hotels jaipur 53.Elephant polo at Amer 54.Nature village and natural farming at Morarka basis 55.Central park 56.National flag at main playground jaipur by banner base of Asia 57.Statue range 58.Sheesh mahal – at fort 59.Saree shopping at bazaar that is bapu 60.Sisodia rani ka bagh Ji ka bagh that is 61.Vidyadhar Step wells that are 62.Abhaneri 63.Ranthambore national park Ke hanuman ji temple Masjid at bazaar 66.Jewelry buying at Bazaar Bhandaar – LMB 68.Gem Palace jaipur 69.Steam Club at palace hotel 70.B2B disk and pub at suites and inn country resort 71.Fire ball at ramada Home pool parties that are 72.Naila Dinner and party morning folds Mall that is square that is 74.Pink Mall jhotwara that is 75.Triton 76.Crystal Palm mall Systems that are 77.Gaurav 78.World trade park Assembly that is legislative that is 79.Jaipur Polo team that is 80.Jaipur 81.Ashok Team Golf club that is 82.Jaipur Membership that is 83.Jai 84.SMS ground 85.Ikaki niwas homestay Universiity School 88.NIMS University Yard 90.Nehru park Birla Planetarium 92.Birla Auditorium 93.Bhagwan Mahavir hospital Dhara on JLN road 95.Smriti van on path 96.Governor house Display at Designer 98.Turquoise cottage @ c-scheme 99.Camel opera in towns Area markets that are 100.Old 101.Study in India On endorsing SAPI Japan Bhavya Sahni functions and it is providers across the globe. He gives consulting to tourist firms and many a travel within their digital-marketing times and customer capture.

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Playing your favorite music could be a pleasurable activity, but inspecting a song lets you implement what you’re studying to some beloved arrangement in English school. Language, tone are only a few literary products you’re able to practice while you reveal audio distinguishing. You are able to acquire a larger understanding for that program of the various tools of Language to songwriting by analyzing these aspects. Things You May Need Disc or MP3 of the song Song lyrics Wordprocessor Writing equipment or highlighter Recommendations Choose an authentic, purposeful music to your report topic. Look at the mental detail of the lyrics, the themes and problems it features and its own imaginative utilization of terminology as you select a melody to write about. For example, “Imagine” by John Lennon, which speculates by what a world filled with serenity might appear to be, presents a strong concept about countering psychic discord on the planet and violence’s consequences. Pay attention to the melody with all the words before you. Underline while you enjoy the melody or emphasize crucial traces and words that give rise to its meaning, together with any personal thoughts or responses that come in your thoughts. These responses might help you form the examination of your track when you begin to produce. Expose your track by giving some old background about it, essay about me including the term papers help songwriter, year while in the composition that that fashioned its design. For instance, “The Rising” by Bruce Springsteen displays Americans’ resiliency after the terrorist problems of Sept. 11, 2001. Explaining this context would have been a simple method to add readers towards its concept of emergency and the music. Analyze the lyrics by reviewing figurative terminology, by comparing it to something else phrases that summarize anything. research papers help In ” The Audio ” for instance, Garfunkel and Simon use personification, gives psychological characteristics to idea, dog or an item. By addressing the song to the “darkness” of night, they highlight the styles of seclusion and loneliness of the track. You can even reveal repetition and also other noise devices’ use. In ” Me ” by Metallica, the loudspeaker employs recurring collections such as “I’m looking my way” and “This thorn within my part” in busting from craving to show his challenge. Examine the melodyis use of arrangements that are musical. Consider how the choice of dominant instruments, an important or minor-key and feel of the tune relate with the lyrics and design and develop a feeling that is specific. As an example, the small piano chords and drumbeats of Adeleis “Collection Hearth towards the Water” illustrate the loudspeakeris desolation following the end-of a romance. Create a summary that stresses the song’s main concept. If you’re writing for instance,” about Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful, you might say that people who have been bullied celebrate and to identify their individuality in the place of let people’s terms hurt them are encouraged by the track. Pull your report together you might say that demonstrates how audio things and the trackis musical illustrate this concept.

In Pursuit of Hairiness (or) In Hirsuit of Happiness

These days it seems there’s nothing wors’n

Being quite a hairy person.

Wherever you look you’re confronted by “smooth”

Oiled and honed for the Photo booth.


But when did this happen? When did Fate

Turn women away from a hairy mate?

When did “back, sack and crack” arrive to save men

From loping about like perpetual cavemen?


My Grandson calls me his “Pet Wookie”

And brings his pals to take a look. He

Doesn’t  know that it’s diabolical

To feel you’re just one big hair follicle.


When, on the beach, some people scream

“I’ll bet you don’t need sun-tan cream!”

I could retort, there on the sand

“Well, you could use a gastric band!”.


But worse than this is the swimming pool.

No matter how hard I try to be cool,

The looks from the staff just give me guilt as

You know they’re thinking “He’ll block the filters”.


It’s really hard to stay afloat

Swimming in an overcoat,

And of course my pace is bound to flag

Whilst struggling with so much drag.


But it’s not all bad. When leaving the water,

My coat of fur is useful, sorta’….

Putting me in a better position.

It hides poor muscle definition.


In the past, when more romantically active

I would dream that women could find me attractive

And imagine a scene on a sinking liner

With the orchestra playing a tune in “G minor”


In a freezing lifeboat, all in a huddle

It’s me that the women would flock to cuddle.

But it’s not a scenario that I intend trying.

In conditions like those I could end up dying.


Great hairiness is hard to limit.

It stands out a mile if you try to trim it,

With a hairy chest that stops in a line

Then a naked back and shoulders that shine.


Is body art the way to go?

Tattoos and such are cool and so

If I could topiarize my pile

It might at least make someone smile.


Perhaps to trace some figures, nude

In primitive style that looks quite crude

With not much detail on the faces

And little tufts in strategic places.


I would suggest male depilation

Flies in the face of Man’s Creation.

It is absurd, and quite contrary

That paintings don’t show Adam hairy.


So come on Lads, wear your lagging with pride.

Come out and show you’ve nothing to hide,

People may mock, but they’re not going to shoot us,

Though global warning may not suit us!



Dick Ockelton January 2014

Low Spirits

Here we go, it’s the usual tedium.

“Why are you restless, Spirit”? asks the Medium.

Why does she keep asking? She already knows.

I’ve told her before , it’s the state of my clothes.

In the land of the living, as a fashion designer,

my style was impeccable. Nobody finer.

So think how it felt. I could not have been sadder,

meeting my end when I fell off a ladder.


Paint-spattered clothes and my knees through my jeans.

Old Nike trainers I’ve had since my teens.

I can’t meet my Maker in togs such as these.

What should I be wearing? Oh, Armani please.

But no, in my scruff, I just waft around here,

with a headless princess and the odd Cavalier.

Just look at their finery. Puts me to shame.

OK, they’ve no heads, but they’re smart just the same.


And if that’s not enough, just to add to it all,

the paint stains are Homebase, not Farrow and Ball.

Is it too much to ask, for crying out loud?

The ones who died naked at least get a shroud,

with long flappy sleeves and the eyeholes cut out,

so they can go haunting and howling about.


If I was a Buddhist, I’d not feel so low.

At least as a Buddhist I’d get one more go.

I’d wear my best suit and die at a wedding.

But sadly I’m not, and the chance of me shedding

my nemesis garb is not within reach,

so I’ll weep and I’ll wail and continue to screech.


Maybe going to Hell’s a solution of sorts.

With it being so hot, I could just wear my shorts………

(Calvin Klein of course).


September 2011

The wrong end of the stick

“Grandad”, said the little boy, “why do people fight?
Why do people argue, and both think that they’re right?”
“That’s tricky”, said his Grandad. “Sometimes we make a fuss,
Because we simply can’t accept that folks aren’t all like us.
‘Depends on where you’re standing. Your point of view can vary.
Of being narrow-minded, we really should be wary.

Take my stick for instance. I’m pointing it at you.
I’ll show you how it’s easy to have a different view.
I’m going to twist it clockwise, to me that is quite clear.
The handle’s turning clockwise, for me whilst sitting here.
For you, at whom I’m pointing, that’s simply not the case.
The tip turns anti-clockwise when it’s that end that you face.

One stick, in one direction, is turning, but you see,
On which way it is spinning, we simply can’t agree.
If we chose to argue, we’d both be wrong and right.
And if we didn’t compromise, we’d end up in a fight.
So if there is a conflict, my own advice to you
Is, always try to understand the other’s point of view.

Use the stick example to help them understand
That different perspectives can get quite out of hand.
And, in the end, if reason is not enough to crack ‘em,
Just simply say “Oh, what the heck!” and use the stick to whack ‘em!”


© Dick Ockelton, February 2013

Audi Dudie

The Audi Dude’s a special breed,
That isn’t hard to see.
They drive A4’s and stuff like that,
But mostly the A3.

There was a time when Audi folks
Were not the type to trouble you,
When did they take the Loony’s Crown,
Away from BMW?

They should, by law, be made to learn
A special highway code,
Meant just for them so other folk
Feel safer on the road.

An idiot’s guide with simple rules -
The red light stands for “stop”,
So when pedestrians cross the road.
You shouldn’t take a pop.

Stopping is quite possible
Without last minute braking,
The inside lane on motorways
Ain’t just for undertaking.

Whilst on the phone and switching lanes,
Remember whilst you talk,
That Audis do have indicators
On a little stalk.

Think on whilst playing racing games,
You barmy pedal pumper,
It’s stupid doing eighty
Just a foot off someone’s bumper.

What on earth is that about?
When all is done and said,
For all the crazy stunts you’ve pulled
You’re just two cars ahead.

So ask yourself before you make
Another killer move,
What flips that switch inside your head?
What are you trying to prove?

© Dick Ockelton January 2013


Far From the Tree

“Landed”, it says.
Landed safely. Always a relief.

Waiting with welling anticipation, we left an impossibly tidy house.
A proper welcome. Pirate towels, toys, a full fridge,
Soon to be wreckage.

Doors swish and swish and swish again
As we strain to read tags on bags
Trundled by weary travellers.

It’s their flight! At last, at long last.
The doors give a final sigh
And release our grandchildren.
Subdued. Then smiling. Then running, laughing.
Then grimacing and squirming,
Clamped in hugs.
And behind them their parents. Our children.
Laden, responsible. Grown.
Grateful to let go for a while.

Then it’s into the whirlwind week.
Laughter, fun, food, and the inevitable fight,
Releasing the tensions of rose-tinted expectation.
Kids on shoulders. Snuggling in for a bedtime story.
Plasters on knees. Tears dried.
And the exhaustion. Oh, the exhaustion!

Memories of what we were about
For all those years.
What we were for.

And suddenly it’s over, far too soon.
Back to the airport, no longer welcoming.
Hasty, clumsy embraces. Mumbled farewells. Muffled promises.
Brimming eyes avoided, we turn and walk away
A little too quickly.
No more words. One last wave,
Far enough away to put on the brave face.

And they are gone.

We tell ourselves that our children are happy, that they have a good life.
That our grandchildren, far away, do know us and love us.
That time will fly until we see them again.
That’s what we tell ourselves

But our hearts

Still break.



No Malice of Fourth Thought

Our super-fit Olympic winners
Inspired we lump-like sofa-sinners,
With Jess and Mo and Chris and Laura,
And Vicki – how we all adore her.
The country celebrated headily,
Crunching crisps and supping steadily.
We’d many medals from the North,
But who remembers who came fourth?

Fourth is the cruelest cut of all.
They trained and strained and hit the wall.
It seems somehow to be so wrong
They came away without a gong.
It’s patently just so absurd….
No medal if you come sub-third?

So “nearly there”, so “not quite made it”,
So “just fell short”, so, “no parade” it…
Seems so harsh, so mean, so tough,
So “sorry, not quite good enough”.

So “no cigar” so “no champagne”,
So “go to Rio, try again”.
So “very near and yet so far”,
So “sorry, don’t know who you are”.

We need to put it in perspective.
These athletes, far from ineffective,
When their banners were unfurled
Became the fourth best in the World.

Fourth in the World! I’m telling you,
That’s more than most of us could do.
These are no slouches, no slow-pacers,
Let’s hear it for the world’s Fourth Placers.

So come on then, Olympic fans,
Let’s raise the roof for also-rans.
The world needs more heroic triers,
The gritty type that still aspires
To greatness though they’ve had a knock.
Focused, steady as a rock.
Though they didn’t come first or third or second,
They’re clearly a Fourth with which to be reckoned.

© Dick Ockelton August 2012